The Cardinals are getting a spark from young guys like Mags Sierra and Tommy Pham.  They’ve had a big hand in the team’s five-game win streak that has put them in first place in the Central Division.  I explain why they need to stick with the young guys and ride out this hot streak, especially when the Cubs are still in their World Series hangover.

Speaking of hangovers, Mets pitcher Matt Harvey apologized to his team for missing Saturday’s game.  What until you hear why he missed.

Back to the Cardinals, they sent out a tweet that I took as a parody of every jewelry commercial you have ever seen.  Now, some men and women are calling a tweet about a ring giveaway sexist.  The Cardinals deleted the tweet, but still got hammered.  I say to anyone out there thinking of buying an engagement ring…forget it…get your soon-to-be spouse a baseball glove as a symbol of your love…Leather is the new diamond.