The Missouri Legislature is being urged by Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson (R) to approve REAL ID by Friday.

Lt. Governor Mike Parson at the Missouri House dais in January 2017 (photo courtesy of Tim Bommel, Missouri House Communications]

“I would hate to see a special session be called for REAL ID, although it does rise to that importance if we don’t get it done,” Parson says.

The 2017 session ends Friday at 6 p.m.

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens (R) addressed the issue last week in a Statehouse interview with Missourinet Moberly affiliate KWIX Radio (AM 1230). Greitens told KWIX Radio that he is not ruling out a special session for REAL ID, and that all options are on the table.

Lt. Governor Parson is urging lawmakers to pass REAL ID by Friday’s deadline. While the Bolivar Republican knows critics have raised privacy concerns, he tells Missourinet that under the bill, residents can choose an ID that complies with the REAL ID Act or one that does not.

“That takes care of the concerns where somebody is saying, ‘hey, I’m worried about my privacy.’ Well, you don’t have to be involved in that,” says Parson.

Parson tells Missourinet he’s hopeful the Senate will pass the bill. The Senate debated REAL ID for a few hours on Tuesday, before taking a lunch break. It’s unclear if the issue will come up again on Tuesday.

Parson says Missourians must be able to travel from our airports and visit family and friends on military installations without unreasonable delays. He notes that starting in January, Missouri IDs will no longer be accepted as identification forms when boarding domestic flights, visiting military installations or when entering federal buildings.

The House passed REAL ID in late March on a vote of 99-40. State Rep. Kevin Corlew’s (R-Kansas City) legislation would require the Missouri Department of Revenue to issue REAL ID compliant driver’s licenses, unless the applicant requests a license that is not compliant with REAL ID.


Click here to listen to Missourinet news director Brian Hauswirth’s full interview with Lt. Governor Mike Parson on Tuesday. It is about two minutes: