They “the hockey experts” say that if you have a hot goalie, you can ride him to the Stanley Cup.  That applies to most teams unless you’re talking about the St. Louis Blues.

Jake Allen had a remarkable playoff run, with a .935 save percentage and he came into the playoffs hot, winning 11 of his final 15 regular season games.  Yet the Blues, who should have beaten Nashville, failed to generate offense and killed their momentum with ill-advised penalties.

The Blues can build a winner around Allen.

Yes, I made the mistake when Tommy Pham first came up of using the phrase “Phamtastic.”  I thought it was cute and clever.  I’ll try to think of better descriptive words to talk about his first three games with big league club after being recalled from Memphis…what a weekend!

The battle rages on — frozen margaritas vs. mint juleps.  Which drink can a dude pull off?