Columbia driver Carl Edwards said his main focus is planting 1,800 acres of soybeans on his Missouri farms.  But before he got on the slow-moving tractor to get in the crop, he decided to set a new speed record for Sport Utility vehicles.  

More than 230 mph in a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Obviously it’s not one you can buy off the showroom floor even with all of the factory power options.  

 Edwards and Toyota Racing Development test driver Craig Stanton took the specially-modified SUV to the Mojave Air and Space Port in California in February and did something “pretty crazy,” as Edwards put it afterward.  “I’m telling you, at 225 mph the thing was wandering a little bit, and trying to keep my foot in it, all I could think was Craig Stanton who got it all warmed up today, he just said no matter what, keep your foot in it.” 

Want to see it?

“Awesome day,” said Edwards.