Governor Greitens (R) says he’s keeping all options open, including a special session, to address the federal REAL ID law and what he considers other legislative priorities. Bills offered this session would allow Missourians to choose if they want an ID that is compliant with the federal REAL ID law.

Gov. Eric Greitens

Starting in 2018, Missourians won’t be allowed to board planes unless a state law is passed that complies with stricter federal identification standards for homeland security and immigration purposes. There are already additional ID restrictions underway for entry into federal buildings and military bases.

“People in the state of Missouri need to be able to use their state ID to get on a plane and go watch a grandkids graduation, or go and see a sick parent or sick relative,” Greitens tells Missourinet Moberly affiliate KWIX radio. “They need to get on a military base.”

Critics of the REAL ID law, including mostly Republicans, say it invades people’s privacy.

“It’s essential that this (REAL ID) get done. I’m committed to getting this done and we will get a solution,” says Greitens.

Since mid-April, Republicans bickering with other Republicans about different issues has slowed Senate business, virtually shutting down the chamber several times. The legislature has passed ten bills and five resolutions since the session began on January 4.

Under the state Constitution, the legislature must pass a balanced state budget by 6 p.m. on Friday. House and Senate budget negotiators have delayed public hearings several times this week.

The regular session ends May 12.

A special session would cost state taxpayers thousands of dollars.