The Chiefs have gone 11-5 and 12-4 and the fan base is ready to see this team play in the Super Bowl.  GM John Dorsey makes a trade with Buffalo for the 10th overall pick. Does he pick a guy who can make an immediate impact for 2017 and help this team get one step closer?  No.  He picks a quarterback who won’t play for another two full seasons and gives up next year’s first round pick as well.

Where does this make sense?

If the Chiefs take any steps backwards in the next couple of years, Dorsey will be gone.  He’s got a division winner and he uses the 10th pick to choose a guy who will not help this team now.

Dorsey says he didn’t give up a lot and the entire organization loves their pick.  I think it’s bad.  You’ll hear from Dorsey and then I’ll weigh in.

Yesterday I called Brooke Reynolds a knucklehead.  She is the Director of the Tiger’s Lair, the student cheering section for Mizzou football.  I thought her arguments were weak as she tries to save primo seats for Mizzou students at football games while the team considers moving sidelines.  I must point out, all of this has caused a big stir because of a silly SEC rule.

So after I called Brooke names, I want to give her a chance to give her side of the story.  I’m giving the students a voice here on the Bill Pollock Show!!!