Forbes released the values of each MLB team and the top five have won six of the last eight World Series.  I share an interesting nugget of information on the value of the Cardinals and Royals their postseason success.

I said yesterday, don’t panic if your the Royals or Cardinals, but after eight games, St. Louis is four out of the Central.  The Redbirds can’t afford to 6 or 7 games out heading into early May.  They have a brutal stretch where 18 of 21 games are against four of the five most valuable franchises.

More details on the death of former Mizzou wrestler B.J. Toal.

Hockey playoffs start tonight for the Blues.  They face the Minnesota Wild who have a hockey coach who looks like Curley from the Three Stooges and has one heck of a potty mouth.  If you want to hear one of the best motivational speeches, check out my Twitter feed @Missourisports

Plus, more common sense when it comes to the whole United Airlines debacle.