The customer is not always right.  Opening Day for the Royals.  You expect there to be some bumps in the road with jockeying around for parking, getting through security, picking up tickets from Will Call, but there was one guy who was just over the top throwing it in the face of Royals staff and to their credit, they didn’t back down and put Mr. Too Tall Hot Shot Salesman in his place.

Sticking with the same theme, I offer my take on the “doctor” who was bloodied and kicked off the United Airlines flight.  He brought that upon himself.  I’ll play the audio from this Chicago to Louisville flight and tell you why this whole situation was ridiculous.  Yes, I’m standing up for United!

As excited as Mizzou fans are about basketball season, they’ll be lucky to get 12,000 fans in that building on a regular basis.

Baseball fans…Royals and Cardinals fans alike…settle down.  Yes both teams are 2-5, but we’re a week into the season.