The state of Missouri is likely to fight a federal judge’s plans to block two Missouri abortion restrictions. U.S. District Court Judge Howard Sachs’ intentions to block a rule that doctors performing abortions must have hospital privileges and one that makes abortion clinics meet hospital-like standards for surgical centers. Planned Parenthood sued the state after the Supreme Court struck down similar restrictions in Texas. Planned Parenthood Great Plains President and CEO Laura McQuade tells Missourinet she is ready for the state’s expected challenge.

“This is a case in conjunction with our sister affiliate, Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis region, so that we can reintroduce in some circumstances, for us in Columbia and Kansas City, and for them, to introduce services in Springfield and Joplin,” says McQuade. “I am sure the state will petition the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to stay the preliminary injunction while the case is being decided. We will fight that.”

In a memo from Sachs, he said he would grant the preliminary injunction requested by Planned Parenthood, but would give the state additional time to avoid “unintended damage” to standard medical regulations.

“He was very clear in his memo that these two laws are unconstitutional and are only seeking to block access to safe and legal abortion,” says McQuade.

In a written statement from Campaign Life Missouri director Samuel Lee, he tells Missourinet the judge’s ruling could put women seeking abortions at risk.

“The reasonable health and safety regulations put in place by state lawmakers and health officials will no longer be enforced. We are confident that the Missouri Attorney General will continue to vigorously defend Missouri’s abortion laws,” said Lee. “If necessary, the Attorney General should appeal this and any other bad court rulings which prevent state lawmakers from regulating the abortion industry, which has a history of profiting from and preying on innocent pregnant women when they are most vulnerable.”

The formal injunction could come in the next week or two.