A line of bag pipe players, drummers and a color guard opened today’s ceremony in the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City to honor the state’s firefighters. Several state officials attended today’s Firefighters Day, including Governor Greitens (R), Missouri Public Safety director Andrew Juden, Missouri State Patrol superintendent Sandra Karsten, Missouri National Guard Adjutant General Steve Danner and state Rep. Shawn Rhoads (R-West Plains).

Hundreds attend Firefighters Day at Missouri Capitol

Greitens, who is a former Navy Seal, thanked first responders for their service to the state.

“First responders sacrifice not for glory or for power or for perks, but they do it because they believe in their commitment to serving their friends, their families, their neighbors and their fellow citizens,” said Greitens.

Hundreds of first responders attended the ceremony.

“I, like you, have seen friends and neighbors who made the ultimate sacrifice, who pushed themselves, who challenged themselves,” said Greitens.

Greitens said he’s committed to getting first responders the resources that they need.

“Families across the state of Missouri need to know that when they pick up the phone and they ask for help that the team that’s coming to help them and to save their family’s life potentially has everything that they need to do that job,” said Greitens.

The governor also thanked the families of firefighters for the support they give and sacrifices they make.