I did it…I picked North Carolina and won my NCAA tournament bracket…beating that schmuck, Todd from accounting!

Here’s the thing…Todd isn’t real.  He’s made up, but we’ve all dealt with a “Todd” from the office…the guy who wins everything?  He runs your office pool, wins every year…but my strategy to take him down worked.  BUT…don’t get too excited about your bracket…there’s always a surprise we weren’t ready for…that’s why they call it March Madness!

Governor Eric Greitens was at Opening Day for the Cardinals.  I’ll tell you about the cool gesture that made a few kids pretty happy.

Today, St. Louis votes for pro soccer.  Soccer is such a big deal, it’s not even covered by the St. Louis paper’s website…not one mention of the vote this morning.  Does St. Louis really need a third pro team?  After watching Blues and Cardinals fans flooding downtown on Sunday, I say no.