I attended Opening Night at Busch Stadium and less than five hours after returning, I’m behind the mic to share my thoughts on the 2017 Cardinals…and they look a lot like the old 2016 version…which is not good.

1.  They were 1-for-12 with runners in scoring position.  Their inability to get the big hit. They could have chased Jon Lester in the third inning.

2.  Not just physical errors, but mental lapses in the field.  Matt Carpenter in the ninth trying to do too much with a three-run lead.

3.  Mike Matheny’s handling of the pitching staff.  Marching Carlos Martinez out for the 8th inning with 93 pitches in start number one.  That’s too taxing for the first game of the year.  Then he leaves his closer in for the 9th when Oh really did his job in the 8th, getting Bryant and Rizzo to pop up with bases loaded.

That’s a winner, but I’m seeing the same issues.  Listen and let me know if you made the same observations. Tell me about on Twitter @Missourisports or call my podcast comment line at 573-556-1212.  Your call will be used on tomorrow’s podcast.