ESPN’s lead analyst for Major League Soccer Taylor Twellman, poses during a pep rally for a future MLS soccer team in St. Louis on March 27, 2017. St. Louisians will go to the polls on April 4 to vote for propositions that will move the city forward to building a new soccer stadium in downtown St. Louis. Photo by Bill Greenblatt/UPI

I’ve never watched a McDonald’s All-American high school basketball game…ever…until Wednesday night. I’ve bought into the Michael Porter Jr. hype like everyone else. I’ve seen him play, but how does he match up against star players from all over the country and not some 5’8 kid from Jefferson City?

Well, I can’t really tell you. My eyes could only take five game minutes of watching bad behind the back passes, no defense, uncontested dunks and a general lack of hustle. However, Porter Jr. scored 17 points with eight rebounds to lead the West over the East 109-107.

When you listen to today’s podcast, you’ll hear his final words to Mizzou fans as I’m sure he will now drift off into secluded summer workouts.

I’ve said all along, before St. Louis considers bringing another pro team, they need to take care of the two they have. It appears as though the state is going to help spruce up the home of the St. Louis Blues. After seeing, what I consider to be a poor turnout for a soccer rally at Ballpark Village, I’d be really surprised if the vote passes to build a soccer stadium.

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