According to, there are three key recruits that Michael Porter Jr. has been talking to about coming to Mizzou.  Blake Harris who also once signed at NLI with Washington, Mohamed Bamba a 6-11 forward, and Kevin Knox a 6-8 forward.  Now, there could be more, but if Porter Jr is able to land at least one of these players, the Tigers are easily a tournament team next year.  Land two of them?  Things get interesting.  Don’t bank on all three.

I’ll also share my concerns with Adam Wainwright. If you read the Cardinals website, you’ll see that Wainwright is pleased with his spring.  You’re getting the “bull story.”  Listen to my podcast and you’ll get the “full story.”  The Cardinals need Wainwright to be better out of the gate in 2017 and I’m not sure he’s ready yet?