By Missourinet contributor Alex Derosier

The Missouri House has given initial approval to a measure that would end property tax reimbursements for thousands of low income seniors and disabled renters. The proposal would eliminate the tax credit referred to as the “circuit-breaker” and establish a “senior services protection fund” that would help cover Gov. Greitens’ proposed $52 million cut to home-and community-based health services.

Missouri capitol

Budget Chair Scott Fitzpatrick (R- Shell Knob) estimates that the legislation could save about $55-60 million a year.

Advocates for seniors call the move robbing Peter to pay Paul. The proposed change could affect around 100,000 people who currently receive the annual payment of around $500 to $750.

Fitzpatrick cautions his colleagues.

“I am not going to pass the budget out of the house,” says Fitzpatrick. “I won’t make the motions to pass the bills if this bill doesn’t pass, until we rewrite the budget.”

House Democrats say corporate tax breaks should instead be repealed in order to meet budget shortfalls.

One more favorable vote would send the measure to the state Senate.