The Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) has kicked off its enhanced pothole patrol across the state.

A pothole in Missouri in March 2017 (photo courtesy of MODOT}

MODOT spokeswoman Linda Wilson-Horn says its maintenance crews are committed to repairing potholes with asphalt as quickly as possible, adding that they’ll aggressively respond and patch potholes to keep state highways smooth and safe for Missourians.

“If you call that in today, our crews are going to have a goal of getting it patched by the same time the next day,” Wilson-Horn says. “So, if you call it in on a Monday morning hopefully we’ll have it fixed by Tuesday morning when you drive that same stretch of road.”

You can call 1-888-ASK-MODOT to report potholes, or you file it at

“We do have people answering the phone, we’re available 24-7,” says Wilson-Horn. “Because we handle a lot of emergencies, so you can always call that in and let us know that you see one.”

Wilson-Horn tells Missourinet that MODOT spends $15 million annually on pothole patching, with most of that happening in March.

She says the agency normally has about 300 pothole-patching crews working on state roadways in March.

“This is the time of year when we get the most,” Wilson-Horn says. “As we come out of winter, we start to end that freeze-thaw cycle, and the water gets down inside the cracks of the pavement and it pops out. We do pavement repair all year round, but the bulk of it does happen during the month of March.”

MODOT notes potholes form when temperatures warm up during the day, but continue to be cold at night.