While I wasn’t on board as quickly as many Mizzou fans were in December, who had seen enough of Kim Anderson, it has become apparent that a coaching change needs to be made.  I was willing to give Anderson a clean slate at the beginning of the year.  I knew a bunch of freshman and sophomores were going to get pushed around Division I basketball courts.

However, I at least wanted to see some improvement by the end of the year.

The Tigers still have guys who can’t finish around the rim and guys who can’t hit jump shots.  We’re seeing the same stuff we saw in November and December.

I’ve heard from a source that the likely scenario is that Kim Anderson will not be fired, but it will be a situation where Anderson steps away on his own terms.  Seems reasonable, but whether that plan is written in stone or if Anderson will agree is still unknown.  We’ll see how this plays out after a road game to Auburn and likely one and done scenario at the SEC Tournament.

The Cardinal Way.  Ahh yes, the big binder filled with the Cardinals’ formula on how to be successful left out one chapter, paragraph, or maybe even a sentence.  Who knew all the club needed was a leadoff centerfielder who likes to have fun?  That’s it!  That’s the missing piece.

I say “Hold on, not so fast!”