I’m sure you’ve heard the story already.  The Mizzou student who bet a pro tennis player a date if New England won the Superbowl.  To Genie Bouchard’s credit, she paid up and flew the kid out to New York for a Brooklyn Nets basketball game, and even let him give her a goodnight kiss on the cheek.

She even called him normal, but this poor guy turned out to be nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Not that it’s all that bad, but take the one date and be happy with it John.  You were a pawn for a swimsuit issue.

Why I think felony charges against NFL player Darrelle Revis are ridiculous.  Charles Oakley really needs to shut up.

Plus, the St. Louis Blues made history on Thursday night and perhaps the secret weapons out of the bullpen for the Cardinals and Royals.


Featured photo is from @geniebouchard on Twitter