Ok, so I gave you baseball’s PECOTA projections and I basically read off a bunch of numbers.  I got called out for it, one fan of the podcast asking, “What are you going to do tomorrow, read the phone book?  BORRRING!”

Bruised ego and all I bring my A game back to the podcast today.

What happens next to Mizzou basketball?  I mean seriously, they held Alabama to 18 points in the first half and still lost.

If the Tigers make a coaching move…would you rather have Tom Crean or Larry Eustachy?  I’ll tell you why I’d rather have Eustachy, even with his potty mouth and soda can throwing episodes at Colorado State.

Trump tells ESPN thanks but not thanks when it comes to March Madness.  Why that’s a smart move and why I applaud ESPN for asking.

PizzaGate…someone inside our building took four fundraising pizzas out of the freezer and took them home. I go through the thought process right here on The Bill Pollock Show