By Matt Greenwood, KTJJ Radio

Perryville in east-central Missouri will have more than 58,000 names on a full scale replica of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. Mike Lundy with the Missouri National Veterans Memorial Board of Directors says the wall is an opportunity for Perryville to honor the veterans in unique fashion.

Photo courtesy of Arlington Economic Development

“There are several Vietnam War Memorials throughout the United States, but none of them are full scale which will be identical to what they have there (in Washington),” says Lundy. “This will be to where that when you come to Perryville and you go visit the wall here, you will be able to get the same experience as if you went to Washington, D.C.”

Lundy wants to go beyond a memorial wall.

“We would like to put in a military cemetery to go along with what we’re doing here. We’ve already got enough ground to where we can build a nice cemetery for all these people,” says Lundy. “If a veteran wants to have a reunion, they could have a reunion in this building. We’re also going to design it to where it can easily be changed over and become a chapel for someone that would like to have a military wake there.”

The wall will be constructed along the new AC Bypass in Perryville.