There is a story from where Texas head coach Tom Herman did an interview with the Dallas Morning News and told the paper that when he worked under Urban Meyer at Ohio State, the Buckeyes considered passing on running back and St. Louis native Ezekiel Elliott because Mizzou made a big push before Signing Day in 2012.

Herman quotes Meyer who asked his assistants, “Well, how good is he, really? We’re fighting Mizzou. Ohio State doesn’t recruit against Mizzou. I’m sitting here looking at this kid. He’s a man amongst boys. Is he Ohio State caliber?”

Meyer’s thought process confirms everything I’ve been saying the last few episodes about Mizzou recruiting.  I’ll explain.

Plus my tips for an enjoyable Super Bowl:

1.  Don’t attend a party, stay at home
2.  You must have your food options figured out before Sunday morning
3.  You must institute a “no dumb questions” clause 20 minutes before kickoff.