By Jessica Machetta

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen has voted to advance a measure for a proposed Major League soccer stadium in downtown St. Louis. Bill sponsor Christine Ingrassia says negotiations on how Governor Greitens is willing to help are ongoing. Greitens has called state taxpayer money for stadiums “Welfare for millionaires.”

MLS soccer stadium one step closer to being built in St. Louis

“His administration is not interested in allocating tax credits, but they are amendable to a low cost or no cost lease or purchase of the property, certain infrastructure improvements and land clearance,” says Ingrassia.

Ingrassia says without Governor Greitens’ blessing of a land deal, the proposal is dead.

“One of the restrictions, we’re not able to move forward if we do not have confirmation of state participation,” says Ingrassia.

If the $200 million deal passes the full board again Friday, it will go to a public vote of city residents in April. The measure calls for about $60 million of city taxes to finance construction of the stadium.

Meanwhile, a bill to pay for upgrades to the Scottrade Center has been defeated, but is still being negotiated and could be revived later this week. The Scottrade Center is where the St. Louis Blues hockey team plays.