An HOK Image of where a new MLS stadium would be built in downtown St. Louis

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen Ways and Means Committee passed a proposal for the MLS stadium after a second round of voting on Thursday.  The proposal now shifts to the full Board of Aldermen.  After an original 6-2 defeat of the vote, the committee reconvened and passed the proposal by a 5-4 vote after a ticket tax was added to the proposal.

The ticket tax would generate $7.5 million to $12 million in general revenue for the city of St. Louis.  Money initially dedicated to developer Paul McKee is also added to this project.  The rest of the stadium budget is from a “use” tax.

If the Board of Alderman approve the new proposal, it will then move onto a judge who must act in order to get the measure on the April ballot for a public vote.

“SC STL is very grateful for the thorough review and passage of our bill by the Ways and Means Committee and we now look forward to a public hearing and the full Board of Aldermen in the coming weeks. There is clearly more work ahead, but today’s result brings us much closer to a ballot measure that will allow city voters the opportunity to make St. Louis a future home for a Major League Soccer expansion franchise,” said spokesperson for SC STL Jim Woodcock in a statement.

The initial proposal was asking for city residents to vote on $60 million.  That is no longer in play.

21st Ward Alderman Antonio French is against a soccer team coming to St. Louis, but tweeted: