Senator Ed Emery (photo courtesy; Missouri Senate)

A state Senate committee will be asked Wednesday whether the legislature should allow the creation of educational savings accounts for students. During his state of the state address, Governor Greitens (R) urged Missouri lawmakers to allow parents of special needs children to transfer state money to an account for educational costs like private school tuition, textbooks, online classes, tutors and therapy. He supports Lamar Republican Senator Ed Emery’s proposal that would include all K-through-12 students.

“With education savings accounts, parents are able to use their fair share of state education money in a way that fits with their kids’ needs,” said Greitens.

The accounts are part of a growing conservative trend nationwide.

“Arizona was the first state in the country to try these accounts and the program has been a success,” said Greitens. “Parents are much happier with their children’s education and children are able to get the kind of education that meets their needs. We do best when we put power into the hands of our parents and our teachers at the local level.”

Opponents say the accounts would take money away from already underfunded public education.