Great job by our news reporters to bring you  coverage of Governor Greitens “State of the State” address.  I’ll run through some of the highlights.  After listening to the speech, it sounds like there are going to be some big shakeups in Missouri government–it will be interesting to watch how this unfolds.

One of the ways you can listen to archives of my daily podcast, which always hovers around the 12-minute mark (makes it very easy to listen to this show), is to click on SoundCloud — Anyway, I thought one of my listeners sent me an email and I got all excited, but as I read it, realized I couldn’t finish what it said.  So, we’re going to play Match Game.  I’ll read part of the email…you tweet your response to me on Twitter and I’ll read the winning answer tomorrow.

Plus, I’ll share some of the disgusting details of this hazing incident involving the Drury University swim team.  I can’t believe some of this stuff takes place…and I’m sure this happens all over the country.