Alex Smith is the least of the Chiefs worries following their 18-16 playoff loss to Pittsburgh.  After spending the last two weeks praising Smith for his ability to step up his game in the playoffs, the local Kansas City media is already questioning if the Andy Reid and the team should consider other options at the position.

Reid comments on the holding call on Eric Fisher.  Reid says the Chiefs had a chance to “win the game.”  WRONG.  You had a chance to tie the game Andy.  Second, I spoke with a football official.  They said the right call was made and there was something that Fisher should have done to avoid a flag.

I’ll explain why that is wrong and how the finger should be pointed at the offensive play caller and manager of time (a.k.a. Andy Reid).

Father tries to sue after his son consumed an enormous amount of an energy drink.  Plus, how big of a deal is the theft of laundry detergent?

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