If you’re a fan of football and not emotionally tied to the Chiefs or Steelers, how did you view the refs’ holding call against left tackle Eric Fisher that cost the Chiefs a chance to tie the game?

Since I was emotionally invested (having predicted the Chiefs would go to the Super Bowl), I hated to see the holding call.  I wanted a tie game.  I wanted overtime.  I wanted the Chiefs to have another chance to win.  Did fans gets slighted out of another great finish because of an overzealous official who may have decided the end of the game instead of the players?

Regardless that the game came down to the Chiefs needing a two-point conversion, the reason the game got to that point was because Kansas City had four major issues in this game.  I’ll run through those in this podcast.

Prayers for those in Missouri affected by the ice.  While those along I-44 and south battled with ice, some of us here in mid-Missouri braved wet roads for…pancakes.