Attorney General Josh Hawley (R) cautions Missourians to be on the alert during this ice storm for storm-related price gouging.

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley

Due to Winter Storm Jupiter, forecasters project that most of Missouri will be affected by severe weather, freezing rain and accumulating ice over the coming days.

“Unfortunately, there are always individuals who see a natural disaster as an opportunity for personal gain,” Hawley says. “I encourage all Missourians to stay alert in the coming days for scams and for those who would take advantage of consumers when they are at their most vulnerable. And I remind those who would scam or defraud Missourians: this Office will bring you to justice.”

Price gouging refers to artificially inflated prices on necessities after a disaster, natural or otherwise. Missouri law prohibits individuals and businesses from substantially raising their prices for the necessities of life during such an emergency.

The types of goods and services covered by the price gouging law include food and water, gasoline, hotel rooms, kerosene, gas powered generators, and other basic necessities. Those who violate the price gouging provisions can face penalties of up to $1,000 per violation.

To report price gouging to the Attorney General’s Office, submit a complaint form online or call the Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-392-8222.