The state legislature will be asked to allow terminally-ill Missourians to have access to medical marijuana. Rep. Jim Neely (R-Cameron), who is a licensed physician, says the drug would’ve helped his daughter, who died of cancer in 2015.

State Representative Jim Neely

“Maybe medical marijuana, we ought to be giving that to at least the terminal people or end of life, and see if we can gain some knowledge in regards to how we care for people,” says Neely.

He tells Missourinet he’s optimistic that the bill will make it to the House floor.

“I think the timing is good. I think we have a culture that let’s try to open our eyes and let’s see what’s out there. Anybody that’s seen people suffer, there ought to be a way to maybe makes things a little bit better,” says Neely. “I think sometimes we get limited. We have too many other people trying to tell us how to do and what to do and from a physician side of things, I think this might be a reasonable approach.”

Neely, of northwest Missouri, says the measure could also be expanded to include access to cannabis oil.

A similar medical marijuana measure didn’t make it on November’s general election ballot. Medical marijuana supporters want to ask Missouri voters to approve another proposal next year.

Opponents are concerned that medical marijuana would lead to legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes.