Missouri’s Governor has declared a state of emergency, as Winter Storm Jupiter approaches.

SEMA Director Ron Walker (at podium) briefs reporters in Jefferson City on January 12, 2017 about the incoming ice storm. Governor Eric Greitens (left) looks on (Brian Hauswirth photo)

Governor Eric Greitens (R) has declared a state of emergency ahead of the ice storm and has activated the Missouri National Guard.

Adjutant General Stephen Danner tells Missourinet the Guard has called out its “quick reaction force”.

“So we’re looking at the (ice) storm coming in west to east, moving up kind of the I-44 corridor as it were, with heavier ice due in the west versus eastern Missouri,” says Danner. “So what we’ll be doing is watching the development of the storm and we will be moving troops to that area as needed.”

About 260-280 Guardsmen had been activated by Thursday evening. General Danner says an additional 250 Guardsmen will be brought in Friday morning. Those will be engineers and MP’s.

The Missouri National Guard’s state mission is to support the governor of Missouri in times of state crisis.

Greitens, who was inaugurated on Monday, notes the National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning.

“The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has over 1,500 trucks available for winter operations,” Greitens says. “All will be in operation for this storm. MoDOT’s already begun pre-treating the roads across the state and this will continue throughout the duration of the storm.”

Greitens says MoDOT’s 3,500 responders are working 12-hour shifts, during the storm. He also says MoDOT has worked all week to ensure it has the resources to respond to power outages and downed trees, including generators and chain saws.

MoDOT is also prepared to house and feed their staff in the event staff members are stuck at facilities.

Greitens is urging you to check on your neighbors, especially the elderly and disabled.

The Missouri Department of Public Safety has placed more than one hundred generators across the state, to be used in areas hardest hit by the ice storm.

Governor Greitens has signed an executive order opening the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC), which is operating 24-7 at the Ike Skelton facility in Jefferson City.

During a Thursday press conference at the SEOC, Greitens says the Center has representatives from the National Weather Service, the Missouri Department of Public Safety, Missouri State Highway Patrol, the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), MoDOT, electric utilities and cooperatives and volunteer organizations, including Convoy of Hope and the Red Cross.

The American Red Cross is urging Missourians to check their vehicles and stock them with emergency supplies. The Red Cross says the best thing you can do is to stay off the roads during a winter storm.

The Red Cross also urges Missourians to fill their vehicle’s gas tank and to clean windows to help them see. They are also urging you to get flashlights and extra blankets ready.