Carl Edwards addresses the media at Joe Gibb Racing Headquarters to announce he’s not racing in 2017.

Columbia native Carl Edwards made it official on Wednesday from Joe Gibbs Racing headquarters that he will not race in NASCAR in 2017.

“I’m stepping away from full-time driving in the Cup Series. I don’t have any intention of going back to full-time racing.”

Edwards said there were three reasons for leaving:

1. Despite not winning a NASCAR championship, he’s satisfied with his career.
2. He wants to devote time to the people in his life. Carl said not only is racing a full-time job, but he thinks about racing 24 hours a day…he said he even dreams about it.
3. He wants to stay healthy. He knows there are inherited dangers with racing, but he’s come away healthy and he wants to do what his gut is telling him.

Edwards is not sure what he wants to do at this point. He is not entertaining any other offers at this time. He said that he doesn’t want to say the “R” word when it comes to racing, but he’d be open to working with Joe Gibbs in the future.

Listen to Carl’s full press conference (35 minutes)