Bang up job by Brian Hauswirth and our news crew bringing coverage of the Governor’s Inauguration on Monday.  As I listened to the officials being sworn in, I’m wondering why, when and how we should be using Missourah instead of Missouri?  There was one Supreme Court judge using one form of the state and everyone else was pronouncing our state correctly.  What’s the history, what’s the meaning of Missourah?

I only hear public officials use the slang version of our state.  It’s a pet peeve of mine.

No excuses about a new offensive coordinator or the top running back getting injured in the second half.  The SEC and Alabama were knocked off the top of college football and it’s because of one player.

While you’re down on Kim Anderson and always will be, I’m seeing improvement in the Mizzou men’s basketball team.  Will it be enough to eventually buy Anderson more time?