(Missourinet St. Louis correspondent Jill Enders contributed to this story)

Missouri’s Governor-Elect traveled to Dellwood Monday morning to announce the two men who will lead his public safety team.

New DPS Director Drew Juden addresses reporters at Zisser Tire and Auto on January 2, 2017. Governor-Elect Eric Greitens (right) and his wife Sheena watch. Photo courtesy of Jill Enders

Governor-Elect Eric Greitens (R) has named Sikeston Police Chief/Public Safety Director Drew Juden as the new Missouri Department of Public Safety Director.

Greitens addressed reporters at Zisser Tire and Auto, which was looted twice in 2014.

“The mission is to make Missouri a safe state to raise a family, and to do so by supporting our law enforcement officers, our firefighters and our first responders, to do so by helping all of us to better understand and heal the divides in our community,” says Greitens. “While our politicians’ failures made us a national embarrassment, I know that together, we can become a national example.”

The “St. Louis Post-Dispatch” reports that looters smashed windows and stole tires, rims and tools from Zisser in August 2014, causing about $150,000 in damage. The newspaper says that the shop, at 9990 West Florissant Avenue, opened with boarded windows and was looted again in November 2014.

Juden also addressed reporters Monday at Zisser Tire, saying that the violence that happened in 2014 won’t happen on his watch.

“The tragedy that happened here in Ferguson, it will not happen on my watch. It will not happen on our (the Greitens administration) watch,” Juden says. “It is something that we have vowed that we will never go through again as a state. To my brothers and sisters in the public safety profession, I can promise you from this day forward, we will have your back.”

Nixon spokesman Scott Holste declined to comment about the remarks Monday, when contacted by Missourinet.

The “Post-Dispatch” reports Juden has worked in law enforcement for 39 years, including the past 15 in Sikeston.

Greitens also announced the appointment of St. Louis Fire Captain Gregg Favre to serve as Missouri Department of Public Safety Deputy Director.