It took the POTUS 7 years and 11 months to finally stand up to Russia.

Run DMC is suing Walmart and Amazon for a ridiculous amount of money.

I’m getting excited for the Winter Classic…so are the Blues players.

I touch on all of that, but the main focus of today’s podcast is Missouri basketball.

Every time Mizzou men’s basketball loses a game, fans love to rub it in my face…like I’m this homer in love with Kim Anderson. All I’ve tried to do is walk the lunatic fans off the ledge…(probably the same fans that wanted Gary Pinkel fired after one year in the SEC).

Quite frankly it doesn’t matter if the Tigers lose to Lipscomb or Eastern Illinois or the Tigers win those games by one point.  The fact is the basketball is ugly right now and I said it would be ugly.  The way they’ve played has not been a surprise to me at all.  So again, I will explain why you must have a wait and see approach through this season.

This is finally Anderson’s team, in my opinion, he’s on the clock now.  I’m looking for improvement and growth from the players.  If we can see growth by the time March rolls around, then Anderson has the team heading in the right direction and needs another year.

However, I agree with the lunatics that if we see the same issues cropping up two months from now, (shooting percentages in the mid 30’s, kids leaving, etc. etc), then yeah its time for a change.

Give a listen and see if you agree.