Statement from Mizzou Men’s Basketball

“Willie Jackson has made the Mizzou Men’s Basketball program aware of his intentions to continue his academic and athletic pursuits closer to home. We understand Willie has a desire to be closer to his family due to a family medical situation, so his decision has our support. We appreciate what Willie has contributed during his time with the program and wish him the best in the future.”

Statement from Willie Jackson

“I really appreciate the opportunity that Mizzou gave me, and I enjoyed my time in Columbia, but my family needs me closer to home, at this point. We have an illness in the family, and I’m hoping to spend more time around my family to be a positive influence. I am thankful for everything that Mizzou’s coaching staff has done for me, and I will always be cheering for my teammates in the future.”

Jackson was averaging 16.9 points in his first 11 games with Mizzou, averaging 5.9 ppg while shooting 55%.

Jackson chose Mizzou over offers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Iowa State, Penn State, Boston College, Temple, Wichita State, and Akron. He played his high school ball alongside fellow Mizzou freshman Frankie Hughes.

Just this week, Kim Anderson said there would be changes to the starting lineup and he would be playing with a shorter bench.  Ten different players had averaged more than 13 minutes in the first 11 games of the season.