Former Mizzou women’s basketball player Juanita Robinson was shot four times while visiting family for the holidays in Chicago. Robinson played for the Tigers from ’14-’16 and had surgery yesterday after she was moved out intensive care. Robinson set up a GoFundMe page to help with her insurance costs.

I’ll share more of Robinson’s story.

The Mizzou men wrap up non-conference play tonight against Lipscomb. Kim Anderson is changing the starting lineup, and playing time is being cut for other players.  I’ll explain why fans shouldn’t be flipping out of their 5-6 record.

Anthony Pariano with Explore St. Louis says the Winter Classic will generate millions of dollars for the St. Louis region. The weeklong event kicked off earlier this week with concerts and an outdoor skating rink under the arch.  It wraps up Monday with the Blues and Blackhawks in St. Louis.

Third straight day on my podcast that I’m talking about a dead celebrity.

This country lacks imagination when we think about people we admire.  I’m just absolutely blown away that one woman keeps showing up as the most admired in Gallup’s annual poll.