An HOK Image of where a new MLS stadium would be built in downtown St. Louis

The state Development Finance Board postponed a vote during their scheduled meeting on Tuesday in Jefferson City, delaying a request from the city of St. Louis for $40 million in tax credits to go toward a $200 million downtown stadium plan to bring an MLS team to St. Louis.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, SC STL, the group trying to bring a professional soccer team to St. Louis, requested the postponement after Governor-elect Eric Greitens called the plan “nothing more than welfare for millionaires.”

SC STL hopes to set up a meeting with Greitens before considering another request for vote.  A St. Louis Board of Aldermen also introduced legislation last week that could ask city voters to approve up to $80 million for the stadium, which would be the next step in bringing a third professional franchise to St. Louis.

The Rams left St. Louis for Los Angeles after Governor Jay Nixon’s task force was unable to secure a stadium plan that met the approval of Rams’ owner Stan Kroenke and the NFL.