A first-time Missouri elector says he has received more than 1,000 letters mainly trying to convince him to oppose Republican Donald Trump for President. Scott R. Clark of Jackson in southeast Missouri says the more than 1,000 letters he has received from Trump opponents didn’t change his mind. All ten of Missouri’s electors have helped Trump sail to an Electoral College win. They also voted unanimously in favor of Mike Pence for vice president.

Donald Trump (photo; Gage Skidmore)

“My mailbox has been full the last four days and they haven’t let up. So I would say he probably has a few more to deliver to me but he just couldn’t fit in the mailbox at this point.”

Clark says he also received about 47 emails an hour, until he had his contact information removed from a website that released those details.

“I certainly believe in people’s right to voice their opinion, but I kind of felt like that was done on November 8 when we all voted,” says Clark. “The responsibility of making sure that you carry out the will of the voters and to change that, to me, would be the crime. To change what voters have sent me there to do because 1,000 or so letters were sent to me because people were unhappy with the result.”

Some of the roughly 100 Trump supporters and opponents at the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City held signs. There were some creative ones, including a sign that read “Trump Putin 2016” and another that said “Don’t sell us to Russia. Vote your conscience not your party.”

A number of security officers were stationed inside and outside of the Senate Lounge as protesters, audience members and electors funneled by for the Electoral College meeting.

While electors cast their votes, some hecklers said things like “The blood is on your hands.” Another said “Putin for vice president.” A Trump supporter fired back by saying “Get over it.” There was some bickering, but nothing dramatic.