Are St. Louis fans really happy that Jeff Fisher got fired as Rams coach?  I’m not sure why they’re taking their frustrations out on him?  Plus, why we don’t need a Major League Soccer team in St. Louis…for starters, city tax players can’t afford to foot part of the bill for another team.

For you late Christmas shoppers, the Chiefs are going to bail you out.

Did you hear about “Bad” Santa in North Carolina?  He told a nine-year old boy to “lay off the hamburgers and french fries.”  Santa lost his job over giving his kid perhaps the best advice of his life.  Just hear me out and I’ll explain.

I just started the “10 Days of Jingle Bill.”  My top ten Christmas songs that I like, but never listen to.  At number 10, I picked “Deck the Halls.”  Find out my number 9.

The man cold vs. the mom cold.  Hilarious video and so true in every household across America!