Yes, Tis the season to be grumpy, I have my first cold.  Why do women handle colds so much better than men?  I was out of commission all weekend!

I had to sit through Mizzou basketball and after analyzing Arizona’s 7-foot player from Finland, I think I know what the issue is with the Tigers.

Snow in the midwest has canceled hundreds of flights.  I’ll tell you about one flight that won’t reschedule for another two weeks!

Today I start the “10 Days of Jingle Bill.”  I give you a count down of my ten favorite Christmas/Holiday songs with a twist.  See, I can’t make it through an entire song though, so I play the ten best part of songs I like to listen to for about 15 seconds before I flip the station in my car.  Like I said, tis the season to be grumpy!

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