A measure that would grant unborn children “right to life” protections will be proposed again next year by state Rep. Mike Moon (R-Ash Grove). He wants to ask voters to change the state constitution to say that life begins at conception. Moon tells Missourinet that his ultimate goal is to end abortions.

Representative Mike Moon (photo courtesy; Tim Bommel, Missouri House Communications)

“Our task is to protect innocent people. I think this goes right in line with what we are supposed to be doing,” says Moon. “I believe that it’s time now to reopen that argument and make the case that these are human beings and we have legally allowed the killing of them for at least 43 plus years.”

He cites a lawsuit, Maryland vs. King. Alonzo Jay King, Jr. was arrested for first- and second-degree assault. As according to Maryland police protocol, the Maryland DNA Collection Act, a DNA sample was taken from King at the time of the arrest and entered into Maryland’s database. It was matched to an unsolved rape case in 2003.

King filed a motion to suppress the DNA evidence, stating that it infringed upon his Fourth Amendment rights.

Moon says law enforcement was trying to determine whether it’s acceptable to collect DNA samples when trying to connect suspects to crimes.

“The court found that DNA is unique to individual human persons,” says Moon.

He also compares the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dred Scott ruling about slavery to that of unborn children.

“They didn’t think that slaves were persons either. In fact, they give them what, 5/8 of a person recognition just for voting purposes or for the owners to have more voting clout. It’s unfortunate. I think it’s a shame that’s the mentality of the people back then. So, I think there is at least some comparison because we are not giving unborn children any status,” says Moon.

Opponents say the courts have struck down similar amendments several times and that the measure is an attempt to outlaw abortions. They also say the measure would ban most forms of birth control, have effect on fertility treatments and stem cell research.

Moon filed a similar measure this year. It passed in the House but not in the Senate.