Congressman Jason Smith (R-Missouri) is encouraging President-elect Donald Trump to overturn some of President Obama’s controversial executive orders, including the Waters of the U.S. rule.

Congressman Jason Smith (R-Missouri)

Congressman Jason Smith (R-Missouri)

“The very first time I met with President Trump back in July, my first question was, ‘What will you do with these unconstitutional executive orders that are breaking down the backs of rural America?’ He said ‘I will repeal them.’”

Waters of the U.S. opponents say the rule will hurt small businesses. Supporters of the rule say it would more clearly defining which waters are protected.

“I’m very eager. I’m very excited and looking forward to him taking a lot of these unconstitutional executive orders off the books, such as Waters of the United States, the wood-burning heating stoves regulations, just these crazy ones that drastically effect our way of life.”

In 2014, The EPA banned the production and sale of 80% of America’s wood-burning stoves.