Championship football teams are built around defense.  Things were fine and dandy for the Chiefs during their win streak when the defense was creating turnovers, but with a banged up offense and not much of a chance at slowing down Jameis Winston, it’s clear to see the Chiefs season is in jeopardy.

The upside to the Mizzou football team is the offense is starting to move the ball.  740 yards is pretty impressive, even if its against another terrible defense in Tennessee.  However, the real issue for Tiger football moving forward is that Barry Odom has to find players on defense who know how to tackle…coming out of high school.

Donald Trump tweets at Saturday Night Live.  I think he has bigger issues to deal with then whether or not Alex Baldwin makes fun of him.  Here’s great blog from my friend Matt Brown

I went 4-0 in my college picks and 2-2 in the NFL.  My percentage keeps going up!

Plus hear my train wreck of an interview with some high school kids