One of my friends, posted this on Facebook.

“I am really having reservations about sending my kids to college. They are having cry-ins, bringing service animals to hug and skipping exams because of the election results. Please make America smart again. This is the core of the problem.”

The reason I bring up that Facebook post is because back in 1991, I too was a college student who couldn’t handle the stress of the war in Iraq.  I share my story of how I played the system and pulled out a B+ on my final.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I play one of the greatest versions of our National Anthem.

Tod Palmer of the Kansas City Star, joins me to talk about his article on Mizzou football recruiting.  Over three years, a total of 64 recruits came to Mizzou…26 players never finished their career at Mizzou.

Listen to the full version of my interview with Palmer

My college picks:
Vandy over Mizzou, Mizzou favored by 3.5–betters will rake if they take Vandy.
Auburn crushes Georgia by 14+–Auburn favored by 10.5
#25 Arkansas loses at home to #24 LSU–Tigers favored by 7.

Redskins over the Vikings
TB 0-4 at home, Bears 0-4 on the road. Gimme the Bears
Chiefs beat the Panthers.

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