An annual report card, called MSIP5, shows all of Missouri’s public school districts have received scores this year in the fully accredited or provisionally accredited range. The last time all of the state’s districts fell within one of the two ranges was in 2013.

Minority and low-income students continue to fall behind in Missouri achievement tests

All Missouri public schools score in accredited or provisionally accredited range

Under Missouri’s accreditation system, districts must earn more than 70% to receive full accreditation. Those scoring between 50 and 70% earn provisional accreditation, while districts scoring less than 50% would be unaccredited.

State Education Commissioner Margie Vandeven says the report also shows more than 98% of the state’s public districts scored in the fully accredited level.

“Both districts and charter schools are making progress on graduation rates, college and career readiness measures and attendance rates,” says Vandeven.

Missouri’s two unaccredited districts – Normandy and Riverview Gardens – improved their marks this year, but their progress doesn’t make them automatically eligible for accreditation.

The report helps the Missouri Board of Education decide which level of accreditation districts qualify for. Governor Jay Nixon (D) is urging the board to grant the Riverview Gardens school district provisional accreditation at its December meeting. Nixon says putting more funding into struggling school districts such as Riverview Gardens, Normandy, and Ferguson-Florissant, is getting results.