mizzouI’ll start today with a look back on how I remember Janet Reno…the first female U.S. Attorney General.

Oh and then I get fired up…I’ll come across as a big football expert even though my weekend picks were absolutely horrible…but give a listen…hear me out.  I bet by the time I’m done, you’ll see where I’m coming from.

Missouri offensive coordinator Josh Heupel has to be called out.  Players and coaches will always point to the three or four plays that are the difference in a football game.  I can point to one.

I’ll go over the play and tell you why, if I was Barry Odom, I’d have Heupel’s butt in my office explaining his reasoning for a bad call that set Mizzou up for failure.

Before I get into that tirade on the podcast, my blood real boils over the NFL’s use (or lack thereof) of technology that is available for instant replay.  It is an absolute joke.  Yeah, it worked out in the Chiefs favor, but the explanation given is so ridiculous.  I go off on the league for their inability to get instant replays called correctly.