All the spewing of stats and figures during this World Series has become too much.

“The team that scores first, the team wins first, loses first, scores first at home, but loses the game, doesn’t score at all…blah blah blah blah”…we like to use stats to put things in perspective.

Here’s the biggest waste of World Series info from Bleacher Report…the last year there were two ties in the NFL, the Indians lost the World Series in 7 games.

A-Rod, Pete Rose and Frank Thomas…those guys know how to host a World Series pre and post game show.  They tease each other, make fun of themselves and they really know their baseball.  Fox Sports hit a home run with this crew!

You’re not going to let the fear of some odd clown standing on the street corner determine whether or not you take you kids Trick-or-treating right?  I’ll tell you about the steps Germany is taking to eliminate the issue of strange clowns on the street today.

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