In a story first reported by Tony Grossi for ESPN/Cleveland, Marty Schottenhiemer, the former Chiefs head coach is battling early-onset Alzheimer’s for the past five years.  The 73-year old Schottenheimer is scheduled to attend a 30-year reunion for the 1986 Browns team that fell one game short of the Super Bowl.

Schottenheimer was often criticized for failing to get Cleveland past Denver.  In the 25 years since Schottenheimer left the Browns, that franchise has had 21 losing seasons.

For now, Schottenheimer is functioning well, according to his wife Pat.

“He’s in the best of health,  sometimes he just doesn’t remember everything,” Pat Schottenheimer told ESPN. “He functions extremely well, plays golf several times a week. He’s got that memory lag where he’ll ask you the same question three or four times. He remembers people and faces, and he pulls out strange things that I’ve never heard, but he’s doing well. It’s going be a long road. We both know that.”

Schottenheimer joined the Chiefs, who were 101-58-1 in his 10 years with the Chiefs (1989-98). The Chiefs twice won 13 games and advanced to the AFC Championship Game in the 1993 season.  He also coached at Washington and went 8-8 in 2001.  Then went 47-33 with the Chargers from 2002-06.


As a player, Schottenheimer spent six years with Buffalo from 1965-1970.  He played in 79 games and made ten starts as a linebacker.