Welcome fans of The Bill Pollock Show and first time listeners.  I don’t know if I’m the first of my kind, but here’s a daily podcast that rarely runs longer than 12 minutes.  I cut right to the chase, no rambling. I give you news, entertainment and sports with comedy.

I have the type of podcast that you can listen to on your way to work, during your smoke break or while waiting for your oil change.

I appreciate you listening.  What do I have today?

When I first heard Sheryl Crow wanted to shorten the political season, I thought “Here we go, another celebrity sticking their nose in politics.”  She actually says what a lot of us are thinking and she bashed the very networks she was speaking with, which was just awesome.

Sounds like former Marlins pitcher had too much alcohol when he crashed his boat last month that killed him and two other guys.

When is six greater than seven?  When the Philadelphia 76ers tell singer Sevyn, she’s not singing the national anthem.  I’ll tell you why they pulled the plug.

A former Indiana basketball player says Bobby Knight grabbed him in the groin and did other mean things to him.  Todd Jadlow is trying to sell a book.

Cleveland fans have chased Marlins Man away!  Hooray for Cleveland!!!

It’s nice to see former Royals Ben Zobrist and Mike Montgomery make an impact in the World Series.