Missouri’s GOP candidate for governor isn’t saying whether he’ll back limits on political campaign contributions, but Eric Greitens supports banning lobbyist gifts.

Eric Greitens (R)

Eric Greitens (R)

“The second thing that we need to do, is to close this revolving door between legislators and special interests,” says Greitens. “Then third, I think it’s important for us to place term limits for every statewide office holder. Once we do those things and establish a culture of ethics here in the state of Missouri, I’d be happy to sit down with people and look at how we reform the campaign finance system.”

The Governor’s race has record-breaking, high-dollar donations to both campaigns. Missouri tops all other states in spending this election year for political advertising of races for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. The Center for Public Integrity says more than $27 million has been spent on TV ads for the Missouri governor’s race.

The Republican Governors Association has poured $5.5 million into Greitens’ campaign, but his biggest single donation is nearly $2 million from SEALS for Truth.

The largest donations for Democratic challenger Chris Koster, who supports campaign finance restrictions, are $1 million apiece from the Democratic Governors Association and the State County & Municipal Employees Union.

A measure that will be on the November 8 general election ballot would cap donations for individual candidates to $2,600 and to $25,000 for political parties. If it passes, the restrictions would begin next year.

In a written statement from Greitens’ campaign manager, Austin Chambers, Greitens does not support the proposal.

“Eric is opposed to campaign finance laws that favor entrenched career politicians and wealthy self-funding candidates over political outsiders and those who challenge the political status quo,” says Chambers.

Opponents of the proposal say there’s more transparency without campaign finance laws.